Sunday, November 13, 2011

That 180 Movie you have heard about

Here is the link to it on youtube. I guess you know it is about abortion. It's only 33 minutes and it's well worth watching.

bless you

and I promise I'll be back soon with a proper blog post : )



Joyful said...

Hi Lynn, it is so long since I've seen you post. I love the new background for your blog. Thank you for posting about this important issue.

I see little Bonnie Grace. She is so cute. Is this the little one that you are now mothering? God bless you.

Joyful said...

I've just gone back and read some old posts. I see little Bonnie Grace is your grand daughter. How precious ;-)

Lynn said...

If you look at my second post back in March you will see Tish, who has just turned 9 and my only excuse for not posting so often any more ; ) Bonnie Grace lives up north of here at a place called the Gold Coast, but she visits quite often, thank the Lord! She is seven months old now, how time flies. She was last here about a month ago, far too long ago now!!
I have missed you too!

Joyful said...

Hi Lynn, it is getting close to Christmas. I just wanted to stop by and wish you a wonderful Christmas season and a Happy New Year filled with all good things. God bless.

Lynn said...

Thankyou so much for thinking of me : ). This will be our first Christmas with Tish so it should be extra
fun ; ) My daughter Josie is coming to visit us early in the new year with baby Bonnie so our festivities will continue into the new year. Wishing you and yours all the blessings of the season and an especially happy new year! lots of love
Lynn : )

Joyful said...

Thank you, Lynne. I had an unexpectedly different and busy Christmas. I enjoyed it and am now having a rest. I hope you had a wonderful visit with family. Happy New Year!!