Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bonnie Grace Gadd has joined my family : ) 9th April 2011

My darling daughter Josie and her husband Phil welcomed their first child, Bonnie Grace Gadd (I love her name) into the world on Saturday morning 9th of April, unexpectedly, at home in Southport, Queensland.

As you can see by the photographs, she is perfect!

The girls and I flew up to Queensland the next day and spent 12 days in an apartment nearby. Big sister Zoe currently lives around the corner from Josie and Phil and baby Bonnie and was waiting outside to take the couple to the nearby Birth Centre when Bonnie made her arrival. 

Bonnie Grace is my third beautiful grand daughter. She joins my son Toby's children, Caitlin who is nine and Mia who is two plus my only grandson (so far) Jake who is six. They all live here in Canberra.

I am so thankful for this precious little blessing who has joined my family. I delighted in adding her to my family tree and creating a special one just for her.

Josie is a wonderful mother, as I knew she would be! I am so proud of her. Phil is a loving Daddy and husband and is so proud of both his girls. 

You can be sure I will share more photographs of Bonnie with you, she is such a sweet adorable little girl. (just like her mummy)

What a wonderful early Easter gift!! Bonnie Grace, welcome and God bless you always little one!

I hope and pray you all had such a wonderful Easter too

with love always