Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another Saturday Blog

Do you ever put off doing something you know is good for you? For me, that has got to be walking. There was a time I walked every day, sometimes twice a day!! Not because I had soooo much “spare” time but because I knew I needed the exercise, the fresh air and sunshine and just the pure peace and refreshing of the mind that comes from a good brisk walk!

But I always have the perfect excuse! I don’t have time, inclination or motivation and besides, it’s Canberra in the middle of winter, do I look mad? (do not answer that!!)

Anyway, this afternoon I decided to just DO IT! I donned my faithful wool cape, bought at the Salamanca markets in Hobart 14 years ago. That was a memorable trip. So many memories returned when I put that cape on. A tiny three month old Naomi, snuggled underneath against the chill Tasmanian winter. Toby then 13, Zoe 11 and Josie 9. How time flies. Beautiful Tunbridge, good friends, Tassie devils, Port Arthur before Martin Bryant. I must go back to Tassie one day…

Anyway, back up the hill with the dogs. They were so delighted to be out and about. The sun was shining. There was no one else on the hill.

Got to the top, glorious view! I could see snow!! I was delighted! Now don’t misunderstand me, I love seeing snow, in the distance. Being born in Norway I speculate I had my quota of snow before I could walk. I hate being "in" the snow. I love seeing it in the distance.
A long way away ; )

The view from up there is spectacular. I think I live in the most beautiful city on earth. And of course I am biased, slightly. If you look on my blog page you will see a photo of my home with the mountains in the background. That’s what I was looking at today, just from higher up the hill.

I noticed this old gum tree on top of the hill. I guess it’s been there over a hundred years cause it was very broad and tall. It had the best view. I wished it could talk. Maybe he did? He loves the view. He is content. He is healthy and happy right where he was planted by God so long ago. He is strong and majestic looking with branches outstretched towards his Creator. Like he's worshipping Him. He’s seen lots of changes and yet he has just grown bigger and stronger. A bit like me. I have seen a lot of changes in my life, a lot of challenges, some pain and much more joy. And I feel bigger (not physically, on the inside) and stronger for all those experiences.

That tree definitely spoke to me today. And if I hadn’t gone up the hill, I never would have heard him or seen the snow or enjoyed that cup of tea when I came back home.

And can any cup of tea taste better than the one you have when you come home from your walk? (or working in the garden) I don’t think so.

Is there something you've been putting off that you know will do you good? Do it tomorrow! I dare you!