Thursday, January 22, 2009

Foster Care ~ making a difference, giving hope......

I began fostering a teenage girl three and half months ago. It's been a steep learning curve, the personal challenges have been many, but I wouldn't change a thing!

To have the honour of showing her how family life can be; loving, peaceful and safe from harm, is indeed a privilege and a blessing to my whole family. To give her aspirational opportunities to be the best she can be, to love and accept her while gently guiding her and encouraging her is far more rewarding than I might have ever imagined.

This experience is also highlighting my responsibilities to my own children and grandchildren, something I have always taken very seriously but I see it illuminated even further now, surely by the grace of our loving God.

Maybe you can make a difference to a child's life today? Maybe it's your own child or grandchild. Maybe it's a friend or neighbors child? Do whatever it takes, if you can make a difference in one child's life then you need to do it. Open the door to a new way of thinking and a new awareness of what really matters in "the big picture" that is your earthly life.

You too can make an eternal difference.