Saturday, June 21, 2008

No one can do it alone.

I can hardly believe it will be two weeks tomorrow since my first and last blog! I had ideas about writing every day but my life seems to have gotten in the way of that!lol

Sorry about the last post some of you may have received, it didn't have anything in it so don't worry if you couldn't open it, just me trying to find my way around here : )

I feel like I have taken the steep learning curve into the radio announcer world! A mere five weeks ago it was my secret heart's desire and in the last week I have been "on air" three times, the last with my own programme!!! It is almost unbelievable!

Now I find myself with a regular time slot on Thursday mornings and it is awesome, a little scary but mostly a lot of fun.

A few years ago I would never attempted to do anything I knew so little about. I would have believed I was too stupid to manage it, not good enough, dreaming.....

Now I find at the prime of my life at 52, I know I am an intelligent woman, more than capable of doing whatever it takes and doing it well!! How far have I travelled to arrive here! Some of the ride has been quite bumpy but I obviously needed that to grow me up and find my way to here!

I have so much to be thankful for.

Without my dearest friend Maureen I would never have made it. Not to where I am today anyway. She has stuck with me through all my ups and downs, unwise and some downright foolish choices, all the business of a normal life and she has believed in me and encouraged me to be ME, the best ME I can be, loving me and forgiving me and gently guiding me and giving me the proactive positive attitude I can call my own today.

I hope and pray every one of you has such a dear and faithful friend as I have had for over twenty years now.
Friends really can make all the difference.

God bless all my friends, each one of you is special and you all make a difference to my life. Thankyou :)

lots of love
Lynn xx