Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy 16th Birthday Miss B!!

 The gorgeous little Miss B

Just over two years ago Miss B came to live with my family. She was 14. So much has happened in that time!

There was the first year where she was going to high school, a new experience for me as I had home educated my other four children. This certainly was an experience for Miss B and for me!! I guess that's another blog post altogether!

When it came to Miss B's 15th birthday just over a year ago she knew what she had to do, she left school! A wise move and the beginning of her new life! She left behind painful memories of bullying (by students and teachers and by the system in general)and all the labels that had disabled her through seven different schools. She had never read a book, she didn't recognise the map of her own country, she had been denied an "education" of any description; unless the true curriculum was bullying, anger and incredible pressure to "fit in and shut up". At that they did "succeed".

Since then there's been a whole new world. A peaceful one with love and acceptance and wonderful learning opportunities and time to enjoy them. Books to be read, family tree to create and work on, cross stitching to learn and practice much of, piano and flute to play, tea to Adore ( and coffee too ( experiences like Floriade to share, holidays to plan, family and friends to love and be loved by, all the riches of a wonderful life!!

Miss B recently turned 16 and started a correspondence book keeping course. She wants to be a Book Keeper like her much loved and missed Mum. She has a gift with numbers. And an amazing memory. 

So the story is far from ended, but you can see where it's headed and it's all good!

Happy 16th Birthday Miss B, we love you and we are so glad you came into our family!