Monday, August 31, 2009


Sunshine and grey clouds race across the sky
the wind howls and the trees bend low
blossoms fly, birds struggle in flight
storm coming, splattering of rain on the windscreen
yes, safely home : )


Joyful said...

Lynn, I LOVE the top photo. It`s so cool the way it is all cloudy and then you see that sliver of blue sky. Also, the scenery is divine. Is this near where you live?

Lynn said...

Thanks for your lovely comments Joyful : ) That pic is part of my backyard and some of the reserve area adjacent to my house. Glad you like it, me too ; )
bless you
Lynn X

Joyful said...

I see you live on a hilltop (I saw the other pic in the left side bar). Wonderful vista! Hope to visit you there some day, God willing :-) I have a nice view of the north shore mountains but I am only on a small slope. God bless xo